7 Facebook Tips for Fellow Networkers

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Do you know that there are over 38 Million Filipino Facebook users?
So it’s ridiculous to not use it with your Network Marketing business online. Unfortunately, even there are a lot of Networkers trying to use Facebook on their business, they’re using it in a Wrong way. To use Facebook with your MLM business is to create your facebook profile with Attraction Marketing Principles. You need to make your profile very inviting and will represent you in a way that attracts others to connect with you. Here are my 7 Facebook Marketing Tips For Pinoy Networkers…
1. Put a Decent Profile Picture – Put a decent picture or better yet
Professional looking one in your profile. Imagine someone chatting with you or sent you a message inviting you to his Network Marketing Business with a tag word of “Payaman tayo dito” with a profile picture of him without a T-Shirt on or even worst Picture of him drunk. Are you be willing to do business with him. Will you take this Guy seriously? Probably No! First impression is important in building an online presence. Don’t use pictures of animals, avatar, cartoon character as your profile picture.. This Social media is called Facebook because you are supposed to put the Picture of your FACE as your profile picture. Avoid using your company logos as well because you are more likely to scare your prospects away than to attract them because they’ll have an impression that you are a salesman.

2. Fill up your BIO – Filling up your bio will let people know what you are interested with and what business you are in. it is also a good idea to put your hobbies and other interests like favorite books, Sports, etc., so people can start to know you more and so that they can relate to you quickly especially if you and your prospect share some common interests.

3. Join Groups and Like Pages in your Niche. – Facebook groups are the best place to find targeted people in Facebook. By joining groups, you are exposing yourself to a list of like minded group of people and connecting and exchanging ideas with them can increase your knowledge. An example of this is my Group
Feel free to join our group
You can also see my facebook page!

(Dont Hesitate to Like and Share this Page too)
4. Add Friends in Your Niche – Send Friend Invitations to the people in your Niche. It is a Good idea to add personal message with your invitation. just include a simple Hi, Hello message don’t put any links of your products or opportunity. People will more likely to Accept your Friend request if you are being Friendly and not there to sell them something.
Promote-yourself (1)
5. Promote Yourself - By giving away your friends free stuff that they can use in their business like free eBooks, free Videos, Links to Good Articles about Network Marketing, etc.. Promoting or Selling your self first will establish your relationship with your prospects. They will like you and you can start to win their trust.
6. Position Yourself as an Expert - by adding value to other peoples lives. Give tips, advice and share all the knowledge you’ve learned thru reading books and your experiences, by helping other people with their problems you will start establishing yourself as an expert. By becoming an expert you are starting to demonstrate you’re leadership and People are always seeking for a Leader that they can Follow and learn from.
7. Do NOT spam and post ads on someone’s wall – Think of this, do you get annoyed every time someone will block your way while walking in a mall and then try to sell you a life insurance? My goodness, I get annoyed by this every time I go to malls, This can be compared to someone trying to sell you something by posting an ad to your wall or tagging a picture of their products and opportunity to everyone. It’s like someone try to sell a bottle of glutathione to everyone he/she will meet. Facebook is a Social Media and NOT a Selling media. So do NOT sell just Socialized. Tagging anyone with a picture of your ad or your opportunity is also a big NO,NO..
One last word, Facebook is just a tool for us Networkers to expand our warm market, Don’t promote your products and opportunity.
Doing that, You will more likely to scare your Prospects away than to attract them.
It's Your Turn!

Comment below kung alin sa 7 facebook tips ang hindi mo pa nagagawa.

Im so happy to know your side and we can help each other now! :)

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