Time Management

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I know that we as Network Marketers have a ton of things to do and time is always not enough for us. This is why I want to share and teach you today my favorite time management strategy that I use on a daily basis in my Network Marketing Business which is Setting Priorities

Each night before you go to bed, make a list of all the things that you needed to do the following day. After you have listed them all, separate the top 3 tasks that you think the most important and the ones that will give you better productivity once you accomplish them.
Then In the morning when you wake up, make that top 3 your priority and start accomplishing them. Most of the time the top 3 on your list will be the hardest and the biggest task but keep in mind that the greater the task that you’ll accomplish, the bigger the impact to your daily activity therefore will increase your productivity and results.

A very common mistake a lot of people do is start on the much less important things because they are the ones that are much easier. Unfortunately, these easy and small tasks will eventually sums up and they’ll be spending their whole day working this less important task that will eat their time away.

Here is a quick guide on deciding what task to prioritize. This step is from a book called First Things First written by Stephen Covey who is a time and organisational management guru.

Prioritize your task according to its importance:

1. Important and Urgent

2. Important but not Urgent

3. Not Important but Urgent

4. Not Important and Not Urgent

Always remember to focus on the important task first and not the urgent ones. Don’t fall to the concept of urgency like most people do.

Most people will prioritize their task like this base on urgency:

1. Important and Urgent

2. Not Important but Urgent

3. Important but not Urgent

4. Not Important and Not Urgent

Don’t prioritize things that will consume your time but do not contribute in your goals.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to sharing more tips and valuable information with you soon.

“Time Is More Valuable Than Money, You Can Get More Money But You Can’t Get More Time!”… Jim Rohn

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