Two Main Reasons Why Most Filipino Failed in their Business

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No Business Background –
Network Marketing is a business model pursued by people who know nothing about building or managing a business, most of them actually don’t have any business experience in the past. We must look at Network Marketing as a business model, and we need to treat it what it is, a real Business in order for us to be successful. Not just a hobby or a part time thing.
Entrepreneurs are very different kind of people, they have different mind setting and building a MLM business requires knowledge and learning new sets of skills.

Sadly, most company and uplines will teach you to just play with numbers and just go tell a lot of random people about your opportunity and just keep doing what you been doing and that’s it. For me it’s like giving instruction to someone to just keep on driving with your headlight turned off in the middle of a dark road until you get to where you want to go.

Hype Ups or Baliwan is simply not enough (Power! Grabe! Power! Grabe )

Lack Of Marketing Training –
People who do MLM business comes in without any knowledge or proper training in marketing. Again this is where most Filipino failed to understand that proper Marketing is the foundation of all businesses. You might notice that I’ve mentioned PROPER Marketing, the reason is most pinoy networker mistaken marketing with sales pitching, spamming and bugging friends and family members.

They try to recruit them in their opportunity which is in the first place not interested in starting a home based business. It’s really ridiculous to think that recruiting your friends and family members is a good and solid foundation for building your organization. My friend, if you know how to market correctly, you don’t have to convince anyone to buy from you or join your opportunity. They’ll be the one who will ask you to do so.

Also some network marketers think that their company’s compensation plan or marketing plan is a marketing strategy. It is not! Your company’s compensation plan or marketing plan is HOW your company will pay you on your efforts. Marketing is strategically placing your product or opportunity in front of interested buyers.
We are now in the information age my friend, and the INTERNET offers the cheapest, fastest and the most effective way of marketing your MLM business. Not giving out flyers in streets or bugging your friends and family.
It's Your Turn!

Anu pa sa tingin mo ang ibang reason kung bakit marami pa din ang Filipino Networker ang nagfa-Failed sa Business nila?
Anu pa ang maidadagdag mong solusyon?

I am so happy na marinig at malaman ang saloobin mo, comment below now!

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