Unleashed the Leadership in YOU

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Let’s accept it, you can never build your MLM Business if you don’t become a Leader!

And that is the honest to goodness truth my friend.
Remember this: The only reason people will Join you in your Opportunity is when they perceive you as a leader who can provide them the solution to their problem (Which is financial problem most of the time) and/or if they can trust you.

If they’ll see you as a person who has the courage and the commitment in your own personal journey of growth and development that create success. Someone who is worth following and listening. Someone that has value to offer them that they can learn from and use in able for them to succeed.

Not your products, Not your company background, Not even your compensation plan.

How To Become A Leader?

Simply decide to be a Leader Right Now. And that is all it is. Because no one in this world will appoint you to become one.It is not something that will be bestowed upon you by another person or any company.Being a Leader is not base on your income or your commission checklt doesn’t matter if you don’t have any results yetA Leader is simply a role that you put yourself into.You will never be a leader if you will not decide to be one. Period!Leadership is an ability to lead others and tell them what to do next and guide them to the right direction.

Here are the 5 learning steps for you to become a Leader!

1. Lead Yourself First

The starting point for all leadership is learning how to lead yourself. In order to be a good leader you must first be a good follower that has discipline and control of yourself.

You must learn to control your emotions. Do you have a tendency to get angry very easily when things don’t go your way?
You must learn to control your appetite. Eat only foods that will be beneficial to your body and not the ones that will harm your body.

Do you have vices? You know what will it do to you so keep away from those.

The first step in learning to lead ourselves is exercising self control and steering our passions into things that are beneficial and not destructive to us.
2. Believe in your true value

Because if you don’t. Expect no one to believe that you are valuable either. You have to believe in your capabilities. Beliefs comes first before success.
3. Dedicate on Developing Yourself

Be a person who has the courage and the commitment to develop himself and own personal journey of growth that create success. Face challenges and learn from them. True leaders expect challenges and find ways to conquer them. By developing yourself, you’ll increase your knowledge, skill sets and your value to others.
4. Provide Value To others

After increasing your knowledge and your skills, you can now teach others what you know, And if you can teach even one thing to another person that is valuable, you’ll become the expert to their eyes. In our industry, having something to teach is more important than having something to show off.
5. Commit in Helping Others Succeed

This is what this industry is all about ever since. Helping others! Focus on helping your people, your downline, the money will follow next naturally. If they succeed, you succeed.
I hope you find this post valuable and it opens up your mind on the most important aspect in MLM business that you need to be focusing with, which is Leadership. And don’t get lost in a concept that you need to have results first in your MLM business to become a leader. I don’t want you to fall on that trap like most Network Marketer specially here in the Philippines.

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